Welcome to the City of South Fulton


The residents of unincorporated South Fulton have spoken and in November voted to form their own city.

The decision is a historic one as South Fulton is the last unincorporated area of the county. The move to cityhood gives residents a chance to map out their own future and also puts a stop to the fears of annexation.

The outlook is bright for the new city of approximately  100,000 people. According to a 2014 feasibility study, South Fulton would be financially viable if it formed a city.

So what’s next for this city in the making?

Residents will have the opportunity to elect a new mayor and council members  in March, 2017 and start collecting taxes in May.

I, and other Fulton County leaders,  are committed to ensuring a smooth transition as the city begins to transition from county services to city services. In fact, a Fulton County transition team has already been created to assist with the process which could take up to two years.

I want to assure that many services such as 911, police, fire, parks, transportation, etc. will be fully functioning until the transition is completed.

Although decisions may be complicated in the months ahead, I will do everything I can to work with residents to help the start-up government get established.

My message to the residents of South Fulton is to be patient during this transition phase. We know you will have questions and we’re here to answer them so please don’t hesitate to call my office.

For answers to some frequently asked questions regarding South Fulton’s transition to cityhood, click here.


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  1. Eddie Bridgeman Sr


    My name is Eddie Bridgeman Sr, I own a financial management firm and am a resident of South Fulton. I would like more information about how I can be involved in the new City.

  2. Georgetta Harris


    I am a senior citizen and currently reside in a HUD facility. There are concerns and I do hope the issues that concern citizens whether living on private property or public owned property will be included in the new city’s agenda. Thank you for your hard work. I’m sure we all will thrive in this new city’s administration. Georgetta Harris orimidara@yahoo.com

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