Statement on Trump Administration Travel Ban

I staunchly denounce the President’s ban on refugees seeking to come to the United States. And as I watch the protestors who are angered by the Trump Administration’s travel ban, I understand their frustration.
Fulton County’s strength is in its diversity and we pride ourselves on welcoming all citizens, including immigrants. In fact, the County is the first in Georgia to form an Interfaith Council that embraces all religions and cultures to foster better understanding and acceptance. We have made great strides in strengthening our ties and developing strong, lasting relationships that will promote peace and benefit all.
Personally, I am proud that my grandfather was a Jamaican immigrant who worked tirelessly to support his family and contribute to his community. We must show the President that Fulton County, Georgia, and the United States is a home of immigrants and by embracing those from all walks of life we can achieve a more perfect union. As Chairman of Fulton County, I vow to work to ensure that all people have the chance to reach their greatest potential and contribute to make our communities great.

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