Grand Reopening Celebration of the South Fulton Library Opening

On Thursday, September 22, 2016, Fulton County marked a tremendous accomplishment as the South Fulton Library held its grand reopening celebration. The 25,000 square foot facility offers enhanced community meeting spaces, computer services and spaces dedicated to children, teens and adults. Once inside the library, the foyer has an open cafĂ© with a vending area, water fountains, tables with seating and rest rooms. The exterior enhances South Fulton’s identity as “A Treasure Among Trees.” It features a 15-foot steel tree sculpture located in the plaza. The sculpture is engraved with Adinkra (West African) symbols for knowledge, community, truth and learning.

In 2008, the citizens of Fulton County overwhelmingly voted for the Library Bond Referendum. The referendum sought out to upgrade and enhance the viability of the libraries within this great county. The plan, once fully implemented, will create 8 new libraries, expand 2 existing libraries and renovate another 24 across Fulton County over a two-phase period. This milestone speaks volumes about the positive and well-rounded direction in which Fulton County is moving to create a strong, inclusive, and well-educated community.

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